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I didn't want this to happen but,,,

After 32+ years, I am DONE with WT... a MONTH waiting for a response about fixing a zipper   >:(  Nothing, just a "will get back to you"

Sucks, i always really liked this gear. I still remember JB handing me some sewn sling in '81 , "check these out"

Yup, I'm with you...gave up a while ago after a ridiculously long delay regarding an exchange for a different sized jacket.  Also, their focus seems to be more on the military & tactical stuff- which is OK but doesn't serve my needs.  And, there's still no new version of the icesac/rocsac which they've been promising for ages! 

It's really kinda ironic...early in my climbing career (mid-60's) lots of us used Army surplus gear; WWII surplus wool pants (actually really good when it's real cold- dry snow doesn't cling), canvas puttees before nylon gaiters became available, single layer 2-man mountain tents.  Anyway, I'm glad GI's are now getting really good gear, but at 'our' expense! 

I'll keep an open mind but there are lots of small companies like the 'early' Wild Things to support.

In case you didn't know--Wild Things in North Conway has closed. Titoune is not involved in the day to day operations of the company anymore. She always took care of these type of problems,

I did know that SA, too bad I never had any problems before..ever


--- Quote from: pitonpat on October 05, 2013, 09:08:52 pm ---

I'll keep an open mind but there are lots of small companies like the 'early' Wild Things to support.

--- End quote ---

I totally dig buying from small companies!  Can you recommend some?  what are your favorites? 

And just for the record I have had the same WT belay parka for around 10 years now and just recently sent it in for a new zipper and it was back within a week.  I didn't know the North Conway location was closed?  Was there a change in management/ownership?


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