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ArcTeryx Alpha SV Gloves


I would like to know if anyone here is using the alpha SV gloves from ArcTeryx for ice climbing and how do you like them ? I know the price is a killer but I've tried a lot of thing and the story is often the same: too hot, too cold, always wet and poor dexterity... Almost sound like someone I know... Anyway if you have personnal experience with these gloves or the beta version please share. Other top gloves please let me know :-)

    I have not tried the Arcteryx gloves you mentioned. That type of gauntlet really looks good for a ski glove though.
    The glove I use most for ice climbing and have never had an issue with the First Ascent Guide Glove. I have one pair that is now going on their 5th season and they are going strong. I did re-waterproof them last year with nikwax spray. I wasn't getting wet but the leather was. I have never had wet or cold hands in these and the dexterity is good enough for me to easily tie knots.

Iíve always love ice climbing in the Black Diamond Torque.

Disclaimer you must have warm hands to pull this off!

Just saw this thread. The Alphas are not suited to ice climbing - they are way too bulky. I can't feel the screws. I usually use them over a pair of AT Cam SV gloves to keep me warm at the belays. I am also on a quest for the perfect glove system. This year I plan on trying a pair of Pearl Izumi waterproof bike gloves under another pair of gloves...


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