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George Hurley Slideshow at Rock & Snow in New Paltz


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George Hurley will be giving his slideshow on "Early Desert Climbs" at Rock & Snow in New Paltz, NY this Friday October 11 at 8PM. If you haven't seen this I highly recommend it.

This must be great.. if you have ever done any of these routes, think back to trying them in the '50's !! :'( :'(

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great picture of George & Layton (I think) from BITD on that page

Big weekend at the Gunks!  George on Friday night.  The New Paltz Climbing Film Festival on Saturday night.  Lynn Hill at the Preserve on Sunday night.  Headed down Friday afternoon and will try to catch George's presentation.  Too old to try to stay up after a full day of climbing to do the festival or the LH event.  If you are thinking of catching George get there early. The R&S presentations are always SRO.  Shim gave a great presentation at R&S several years ago and people were hanging off the rafters.  Lynn Hill's at R&S a couple of years ago was packed by 6:45 PM.

I saw George's slide show up here in Sandwich a few months ago, and thought it was really great, along with the history.


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