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Electrician in NoCo?

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Can anyone recommend and electrician in NoCo area? There are literally no reviews online. Coming from Boston I feel like i am in an informational black hole up here :)


Admin Al:
we had some work done by Kevin Griffin and he was OK. dunno if he's still around tho. 356-5094.

Most online reviews are BS anyway.  Word of mouth is still the best. 

My cousin lives in Thorton and is a master electrician. He gets so much work based on reputation he doesn’t bother advertising. Years ago I did some basic apprentice work with him. Depending on the job he could probably come over this way... what do you need done?

I have a few light switches that are in bad shape, one sparks and one only sometimes works. I don't think it's a large amount of work, but the sparks are concerning...


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