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George and Al's good adventure.

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Admin Al:
After a 6 hour drive from North Conway, which included a 20 minute lunch/stretch break, we arrived at the Gunks. We decided to go directly to the cliff and get in a route or two to acclimate. For a change we decided to go to the Nears and picked out Dizneyland. George won't he toss and led first. He was going to belay so we could do it in2 pitches, but he forgot and went to the top. There is a really awkward mantle/wallow around the corner about 40' up that I teased him about, but I didn't do it any better when I followed it. The weather was cloudy and a bit raw, and it started to spit as I was climbing still, it was great getting on that great rock and being somewhere different. We're hoping that it doesn't rain tomorrow, but it doesn't look great.

Did you walk off climbers right. Having done that routes many times I have never found a graceful way to do the mantle. George must have placed some long slings to avoid the rope drag. Glad you were able to beat the rain today.

Admin Al:
Rapped from a tree 50' right.  There is no graceful move...

Admin Al:
So in spite of the weather predictions, the weather onFriday was excellent. And today has dawned clear, blue and bright. Perfect Gunks weather. We met up with 3 friends yesterday and had a great time. I led Snookys Revenge and Middle Earth and Jeff Lea led V 3. George climbed Cakewalk, Madame G and put a TR on Never Never Land with Lisa B and Bob O.

Good Fun...

Admin Al:
George's slide show last nite at Rock and Snow went very well. There were probably 50 people there and everyone seemed suitably enthralled. It's great to see those classic climbs and the folks who put them up BITD.

Today was another beautiful day here at the Gunks! The same crew climbed together, with good results. We got a little bit of a late start, only getting to the parking lot about 9! It was a good thing we weren't any later because the lot already was full. We got one of the last slots!!!

Bob O'Brian led Retribution(?) n - 5.10 and George led Double Chin - 5.5 and we all took runs on them. Both were great in their own ways. Then we walked down and did Pa De Du (?) and City Lights. I led the former and will say it is full value Gunks 5.8! The first 40 or so feet is technical and it is sustained most of the way up. Bob led City Lights, and did a smooth job on the start. I did it this spring an that start is sure polished. George was getting tired at 3pm so we called it a day, but it was a good one.


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