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Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop Update - November 9

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Admin Al:
Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop Update- Sign up soon because
November 9th is coming quickly!

If you haven't signed up yet please do soon today.  It will help logistics volunteers greatly in relation to coffee, food, adult hops and barley, etc. 

Only a little more than 3 weeks and ESAW 2013 will be here.  We're once
again excited to say we've got a great day in store.  Our list of talks will
be up on the ESAW website in a few days as some talk titles are still being
tweaked by presenters.  We have a great list of topics from our local
mountains to regional hills to western professional perspectives.  We are
sticking with our goals to offer local issues from the White Mountains,
regional avalanche concerns, a mix of snow science, weather topics relating
to avalanches, and of course human factors that we all need to better
understand.  To keep our avalanche talks vibrant we will continue to bring
in speakers from the west or overseas.

Speakers: This year we are honored to have Doug Richmond from Bridger Bowl
Montana. For over 20 years I have been an enormous advocate of the "RIchmond
Rules".  Basically- one at a time-don't travel over or under partners
without clear permission, and always be thing thinking what you will do when
it all hits the fan.  I paraphrased a bit here, but I believe that they have
kept me safe all these years on Mount Washington and have been the
foundation of my travel ethics in avalanche terrain.  Doug will present
"Human Behavior at the Ski Area Boundary" as well as an overview of
Bridger's Avalanche Program.  I am looking forward to both of them. In

*   The Gaspe Avalanche Center will be with us again
*   Chief Ranger Ben Woodard and Bob Baribeau from Mahoosuc Rescue will talk about Baxter State Park's
            Avalanche issues on Mt. Katahdin,
*   A talk by one of the worlds premier snow physicists Sam Colebeck on wet snow,
*   Meteorologist Rebecca Scholand will discuss field weather observations in dynamic conditions in relation
           to avalanches
*   Tim Brown from AIARE will help us better understand avalanche problems and the value of
           quality communication.
*   Roger Damon will give us an update on eastern man made snow avalanches at ski areas
*   A round table discussion by renown international climbers in how they avoid avalanches in the big mountain
*   We are also trying to lock in another well know avalanche brain from Colorado via Sweden-
            consider it a welcome surprise if it all comes together.
*   And much more.

Young snow hounds. What really got Kyle and me motivated to get ESAW going a
few years ago was to create a new avalanche venue at a high level in the
Northeast as well as thinking about the next generation of kids and young
adults.  These students will not only be heading into our New England
mountains in future winters, but will be carrying the avalanche torch when
we're gone.  They are the next patrollers, climber and skier professionals,
meteorologists, and avalanche forecasters.  We will have more young snow
enthusiasts this year than ever before at ESAW.  The White Mountain
Avalanche Education Fund is sponsoring a number of students from different
schools in New England including 6 students from a Massachusetts Pioneer
Robotics team focused on a project involving avalanche safety.  Truly our
next avalanche experts and engineers starting early!

Our number of sponsors and vendors wanting to be part of ESAW has been
growing weekly.  It's likely most of the participants will go home with
something this year as we have a large give-away/raffle pile of gear. 

Vendors with Booths

*   American Avalanche Association, American Alpine Club, AIARE, ARVA,
AvaTech, BCA, Barryvox/Mammut, Black Diamond, Hagan Ski, LaSportiva,
Mountain Hardware, Pieps, Ortovox, Petzl


*   American Avalanche Association-The Avalanche Review, American Alpine
Club, AIARE, Atomic, ARVA, AvaTech, Backcountry Access, Backcountry
Magazine, Barryvox/Mammut, Black Diamond Equipment, Brooks-Range
Mountaineering Equipment Company, CAMP, Cascade Designs / MSR, Cloudveil,
CSAC, DPS, Genuine Guide Gear / G3, GU Sports, Hagan Ski USA, High Gear,
Ibex, K2, LaSportiva, Leki, Marker/Volkl, Marmot, Scarpa, Merrell, Mountain
Hardwear, Pieps, Off-Piste Mag, Outdoor Research, Ortovox, Petzl & Adventure
Medical Kits, Plum, Rab, RECCO, Salewa- Dynafit, Silvretta, Pomoca, Salomon
North America, Scarpa, Scott, Sierra Designs, Smart Wool, Smith Optics,
Sterling Ropes, Suunto, Swany, Tecnica, Toko, Voile, Worth Skis

$10 gift card to International Mountain Equipment:  We thought long and hard
about how to encourage those who work and play at a committed level in the
snow to come to ESAW 2013.  We decided to help some of you who are on the
fence that belong to leading groups in Skiing, Climbing and Avalanche
education by offering a $10 International Mountain Equipment gift
certificate.  If you are a current member of one of the groups below you
must bring current information that passes the straight face test!  Not a
patch, sticker etc, but a membership card, a current copy of an
organization's monthly journal with your address on it, etc. We know there
lots of great groups that do fantastic education in the winter outdoors, but
we had to draw the line somewhere for this year so we don't have to tap
Kyle's retirement fund again.  If you feel for 2014 we need to include
others please pull one of the organizers aside this year and make your case.
These are all great organizations so if you don't currently belong to one
think of it as $10 off to join one, get your card and get it back on
November 9th. 

American Alpine Club

National Ski Patrol

Professional Ski Patrollers of America

American Avalanche Association

Canadian Avalanche Association

Mount Washington Observatory

Have current American Mountain Guides Association Certification

Have taken or instructed an Avalanche course with AIARE certification in the
past 24 months


*3nd Annual Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop-ESAW2013***

North Conway, New Hampshire 11/09/2013

0730 – 0815   Registration

0815 – 0830   Welcome, Introduction and Housekeeping - Kyle Tyler and Chris Joosen

0830 – 0915   Avoiding Avalanches Through Quality Weather Observations in the Field - Rebecca E. Scholand, Mount Washington Observatory

0915 – 1000   Winter Use in Baxter State Park
   Ben Woodard Chief Ranger, Baxter Maine State Park
   and Bob Baribeau, Mahoosuc Search and Rescue

1000 – 1015   Break -1015 Raffle

1015 – 1100   Human Behavior at the Ski Area Boundary
   Doug Richmond, Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol Director

1100 – 1200   Short Sessions

   Chic-Chocs Avalanche Bulletin: Behind the Scenes

   Julie LeBlanc, Haute Gaspesie Avalanche Center** 15 min

   Update on Eastern Man-Made Snow Avalanches
      Roger Damon, Army Colonel,
      Engineer, NSP Patrol Director, Pilot, Retired 15min

   AvaTech-Changing the Game in Proactive Avalanche Safety

   Brint Markle, AvaTech 30 min

1200 – 1300   Lunch -1300 Raffle

1300 – 1345   The Two Stages of Wet Snow; the Basic Physics and Why We Care
   Sam Colbeck, U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering
      Laboratory (Retired)

1345 – 1430    Uncertainty in Avalanche Decision Making - Dale Atkins, Recco and American Avalanche Association President*

1430 – 1445    Break – 1445 Raffle

1445 – 1530    Using “Avalanche Problem” Descriptors to Communicate Risk
   Tim Brown, American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education

1530 – 1630 Short Sessions

   Meteorological Variability on Mount Washington
   Theoretical and Practical Applications Jeff Lane, USFS Mount Washington AC
   and Cyrena Briedé Mount Washington Observatory 15min

   Recco Avalanche Rescue System - Dale Atkins, Recco and American
   Avalanche Association President 15 min

   Bridger Bowl Avalanche Program and Operations
   Doug Richmond, Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol Director 30min

1630 Closing remarks and move to Social and Avalanche Vendor Booths Upstairs at International Mountain Equipment (IME)

Admin Al:
I just signed up for this. If you spend your time out working or playing in the snow, you should seriously consider attending this event.

Admin Al:
I guess I forgot the link for registration. Sorry, here 'tis...

lucky luke:

--- Quote from: Admin Al on October 25, 2013, 09:56:00 am ---[...] registration. Sorry, here 'tis...

--- End quote ---

As many person think that I am against avalanche danger scale, I suggest that many of you register to that workshop to be able to have a deep understanding of safety.

Before going to that workshop, I suggest that you read about the topic discuss in the program. Many time, you can read a paper on the topic discuss by the speaker and have pertinent questions.

For example, I google "Avalanche Problem” Descriptors to Communicate Risk"  and I found this: "Avalanche bulletins warn of danger, but only the public themselves can determine their own individual vulnerabilities and exposure, thus being in control of their own risk (Statham, 2008).

That way of thinking bring me to the question how can I be in control of my own risk?

Following a set of rules is certainly not a good way to do it. As they said: "Used in isolation, danger ratings are far too basic
to achieve the precision necessary for conventional avalanche forecasting."

Reading paper before the workshop, cutting the lowest part of snow in a windshield and looking the time that will take for the avalanche to start, climbing on the ridge instead of on the slab (knowing the technique to do so) and asking question at the workshop is lot better than following a set of rules or digging a pit to see the stability of a slab (generally describe in the avalanche forecast). In doubt, don't take risk.

(Note that it is a climber forum, not a stupid no fear tourism forum) 

Yeah, we get it, Luke.

--- Quote from: lucky luke on October 27, 2013, 10:19:10 am ---... thus being in control of their own risk (Statham, 2008). 

--- End quote ---

Is this JASON Statham?
He's totally dreamy!

(Wait, did I say that out loud...?)

(edit:  I'm going just to catch a glimpse of Bob Baribeau - he's mythical and elusive, like a yeti.  Oh, and for the raffles.)


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