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Autumn Tears 5.9 Humphreys Ledge Geriatric wall

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    This climb is right between "Easy as Pudding Pie" and "Yellowjacket".

-To the right of yellowjacket there is a small diameter 2' high tree stump 2-3' to the right of that:
Climb up to a left down facing seam for a nut placement.
-Head straight up to the first bolt; past two more bolts straight up. The crux is at the third bolt.
-Pad up the remaining 15' to a two bolt ring anchor.
The climb is roughtly the same height as yellowjacket; 90'. FFA: David Giampietro and Ed Matt 10-24-13.

A little background on the name; we started climbing on a beautiful Autumn day and as we started climbing the route for the FA small tear drops of cold rain started down from the now overcast dark skies above. Now we have a 5.4 Easy as Instant Pudding, 5.6 Autumn Tears, 5.7 Yellowjacket, 5.10 Put My Foot Where and 5.10B Lost & Found all within the first 100' of the Geriatric wall. Great area to take small groups of various skill levels for a bunch of fun climbs. For that matter continue down the wall for more great routes most which have been put up in the last few recent years and of course by the over 60 crowd  ;).

Admin Al:
Very neat David... any pictures?

Al..I have pics..I cannot seem to post them here using your picture icon. I will email them too you. The sun was setting on us so they get dark.

Thanks for putting in this new, fun, little line.  My wife and I went out and climbed it on Sunday morning.  We attempted to clean it up a bit more, but I would suggest that someone bring a wire brush out and give it another good scrub. 


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