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Has anyone ever worked with this organization regarding access?  Do they have an official policy regarding development on land "under their umbrella"?

sounds like the group from a while back that was horrified seeing bolts on Sundown ???

Don't know how climber friendly they are, but the forest up the road from me has nothing posted.  Hunted it a few times with no issues.  I keep spying some rock that may be on their land, but still haven't tried to find it on foot yet...

lucky luke:

--- Quote from: darwined on October 25, 2013, 02:38:37 pm ---Has anyone ever worked with this organization regarding access?
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Forest in nh have a long history. I know a little about the forest close to cathedral and white horse ledge. There was restoration plan to have today's results. There is all kind of animal of the food chain, including bear and moose. That mean that the restoration of the forest was good.

With a population of nearly 180 millions people on the east cost of US, one can't expect that we will return to wild forest. The manager have to think at many use of the land and they do it. One challenge is climbing: should we have access to one cliff with many bolts or many cliff with no bolts? I think that both can exist...

In the past, climber clean trails and the "trip" of climbing was not just a question of climbing high, but also to enter a wild section of the environment: the cliff. As soon as they have client to bring in the cliff, most guide was contributing to the development of the area. The nature was in balance between the natural life and "artificial" management of human. With the growing number of adept of climbing, cathedral was over crowded and people look around. When the cliff as no crack, they begin to place bolt for their own pleasure without any environmental plan. In that way, access found is a great resource as they can participated to environmental plan and decide where, in the wild, we should create an artificial indoor wall for the pleasure of the climber ( the imagery was a little bit too strong as outside won't ever be an indoor gym...but it is easy to understand).

The question is should we completely remove the cliff where the fauna and wildlife is in balance with artificial management of human? Cathedral is it going to disappear between the trees in a way that nobody will use an old cemetery where no body go any more. They construct a place to relax and eat in front of the kiosk, but it is practically impossible to see the cliff. A management plan could be to cut four or five trees (first level of tree in the succession of vegetative community) to allow people to see all the cliff and the pleasure of the climber doing there sport quietly in the nature; to allow the climber to struggle for there life on a piece of rock in a sunny day in the cliff, far from the work competition of any hard climber.       

Thanks Luke.


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