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Ice Season started two days ago

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Surprised no one reported here:

From NEIce:

"Alfonzo, Katie Ives and I  figured the best bet for ice would be King Ravine. The aspect is perfect for early season ice. We were right. Not a lot of ice, but real ice climbing. Leaf and Joel also found good ice to climb in King Ravine.

Odell’s Gully / Climbike
Climbike and partner climbed Odell’s Gully with “Psychological pro only”.  They reported climbers on Yale as well.

The Black dike was climbed Saturday under very marginal conditions.  Leave the screws at home.

Pinnacle gully was climbed Saturday by Gaddshady and partner, they found “tenuous ice and dry tooling”.

Photos here:

Admin Al:
I heard about Pinnacle. all this is basically soloing or rock climbing for the most part. not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. looks like it's going to stay chilly for a while so we might be able to get in some good early season ice that's actually protectable soon. maybe Tucks in a week!

The photos of king ravine and Odels look like ice climbing to me. Pretty darn good looking!

Admin Al:
it's getting there...

Ya'll are nuts....


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