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LOST: Men's Scarpa Techno shoes at Farley Ledges - MA (Sun, Nov 3)


Sadly, I left my Scarpa Techno shoes on my first trip out to Farley this Sun. They are the men's in yellow leather, size 37.5. They were left around Main Slab. I'm hoping to get them back because they finally fit me beautifully after an extremely painful break-in period. Please PM me if found. Thanks.

As of yesterday those shoes are sitting on top of the WMCC donation box in the main parking lot at Farley.

Thanks. A couple of people had spotted them and someone grabbed them to ship them to me. Unfortunately, someone had initially taken them with them because when I returned immediately the following weekend they were gone. They returned them this weekend and hopefully they will be getting shipped to me soon. Thanks for taking the time to give me a heads up.


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