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rain may help
« on: February 11, 2002, 08:14:21 am »
It has been cold & very good ice making weather until last night when it poured for hours. It was 35 when I got up, but temps have already dropped to 26! If it stays cold now we should see a significant increase in ice. This could really heal things up.

I went out to Champney yesterday morning, just by myself for the hike as much as anything. There were a LOT of folks there - at least 6 groups. If you're going there be aware it will likely be crowded.

The ice was certainly in but pretty hacked up. I was going to climb over by the main falls but it was too fractured for my taste. I got in one solo & the dog started getting cold so I left. There was this really neat water spout just right of the climb I did and it was entertaining.

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