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FS: Koflach Vertical Boots 11 - SOLD

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I'm selling my Koflach Vertical mountaineering boots.   I used these for a few days on Mt. Rainier and have never used them since.  My loss is your gain.  They have minor wear scratches on the side, and the liner, sole, etc is in very good condition.  I am also sending you my BD crampons and BD bag free of charge since I have no use for it.  The crampons are in excellent condition. 

$150 OBO.  Shipping costs will be the actual charges and I can ship in a flat rate box for under $10.  I live in Cincinnati.

Please ask or PM me with any questions.  Thanks! 

That's an absolute steal. Wish I was size 11.


--- Quote from: DMan on November 16, 2013, 08:24:16 am ---That's an absolute steal. Wish I was size 11.

--- End quote ---
I wear a size 10 in just about everything and the Patagonia Maui's on my feet right now are a size 9.5.  Hope this helps.

Admin Al:
amazing deal!!!!

I'll buy if they are still available.


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