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Pitch 2 of "As Easy As Instant Pudding Pie" 5.7

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--- Quote from: David_G48 on October 15, 2014, 04:23:20 pm ---Strandman being on the youthful side you are probably not familiar with 2 other methods; Agent Orange and convincing Old School to pull it out by the roots because while hanging from a rope it blocks the allergic reaction.

--- End quote ---

I will have Jeff help me pull the stuff out by the the bridge in good shape??

There is a 5.10 something variation to the 2nd pitch awaiting the FA by Old School. There is a nice anchor already in place just above the variation. If you fall it would be a "Cool Whip".

David: +1 for the new route name suggestion! ;D

The name "Cool Whip" was coined by Grammy (Old School). +2 to Grammy.


Yes I sent the direct variation over the top of "As Easy as Instant Pudding Pie" several years ago. I had to hook the bolt heads with wired nuts and they were not that secure...tight cheeks pulling the crux but found the upper section of climbing to be really enjoyable. I have the nuts for the hangers (thank you David G) but haven't gotten around to buying the hangers.I will finish that up this month! The route may be a bit contrived, but its a fun variation with the last 30' being really enjoyable on all trad gear! :)

Cool Whip! I think we thought 5.10?


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