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Ice rack?

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I'm looking to put together an ice rack.  Does any one have any suggestions on the number and size of the screws I should purchase?

Admin Al:
ice screws mostly come in a mix of sizes ranging from 10cm, 16cm, 19cm and 22cm. [grin] In some ways the answer to your question is; "as many screws as you can afford". but to be more realistic here's my thoughts:

3 -   long ~22cm
10 - medium - a mix of 16 and 19 cm.
2 -   stubbies - 10 cm

you will always want to have at least 1 long screw on your harness to create a V-thread. the other 2 will be used for belays, wherever you can find a long screw placement. the mediums and shorts are for wherever is appropriate.

FWIW I know people who carry mostly 22cm screws, the idea being that you can always tie off a long screw. that's not my feeling, but YYMV depending on your experience.

Admin Al:
RE placing ice screws - I was trying to find the original of this article, but I just foubd this version:

check it out, it's worth reading.

Cool thanks!

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BD actually makes 13cm screws as well, and this forms most of my rack. in good ice, they're just as strong as 16cm screws. they are lighter, and take slightly less time to place. some complain that they don't go deep enough into the good ice; as far as I'm concerned, if you aren't cleaning shitty ice off the surface to begin with, or aren't placing where the ice forms convexities, a 16cm screw won't help you :)


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