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1/2" bolts

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I recently got a box of hilti quick bolts for free 1/2" x 3" and have never used them before. They look similar to the rawl/powers stud b bit overkill for granite but for "lesser" stone ?

I'm using only 1/2 inch in granite/gneiss but then I'm an overkill kind of guy.

Don't stop "overkilling" Ward.  We won't want it any other way :)

I love the  Hilti quick bolts. never had them in 1/2" though.

Pete Jackson:
I like overkill: that stuff is easier to maintain and requires it less frequently. I took out one of Ward's monsterous anchors (to repair it after someone chopped the other half of it, among other reasons) and it was super easy to retrofit. I definitely appreciated the larger holes when I was fishing out the old sleeves and prepping for new hardware.

For some reason, I am conjuring up images of the single bolt anchors on the third those might be overkill.... :)


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