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So after  a season and a half on the terathers I am a convert especially for soloing. They help me relax my grip as well as feel more secure at rest stances. The relaxing the grip thing  is great.  last weekend i shouldered the tools and laybacked an icicle on a super thin pillar/curtain. No worries about loseing a tool.  the day before that soloing shoestring as a party of three I would sink my tools real good at a rest stance while I waited for the person ahead of me to do a skinny section. My homemade teathers are strong enough that I feel very safe from falling ice and was able to really mentally relax much better in a spot where I would have had to focus  more had I been leashless with no teathers.

 Question. do any of the commercial teathers have the strength to hold body weight?

Admin Al:
I think that the BD ones will hold 2kN. there is something about tethers on the web site that Pete pointed to a while back. it's a blog about mainly ice climbing.

While I don't ever see me using them personally I would suggest that tethers are a better idea for someone seasoned like tradmanclimbz and not a new ice climber as they can encourage some bad habits, mainly leading above your skill level due to a false sense of security.

I did loose a Quark off the top of shoestring a few years back, so who knows... I should probably try them once... I just hate anything that feels "in the way" when I'm climbing...

 Isa gave me crap about my teathers last season then she  followed me up Ragnarock. Somewheres on the wild 3rd pitch she realized what a world of Pooo she would be in if she lost a tool up there. She arrived at the top with nomics clipped to slings. I feel that doing any kind of real serious climb leashless without a 3rd tool or teathers is rolling the dice.  I much prefer the teathers over the weight of a 3rd tool. Those of you who claim that dropping a tool is never going to happen have your heads burried in the snow ;)

The first season I went leashless I climbed without tethers. I found myself over gripping the tools quite a bit - especially my weak side. Went to tethers the next year and haven't turned back. I'm much more relaxed, less pumped and no worries about dropping a tool. And honestly I don't even notice them.


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