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Two Americas

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Not much to do with climbing, but I think it is a good and timely read.

Mostly true, i guess....i thought we were going to argue about Obamacare  :o

Remember that "giant sucking sound" that Ross Perot talked about?  I have one word for you: NAFTA (well two: GATT)

Passed by a Republican legislature, signed into law by "liberal" Bill Clinton.

The good paying jobs are long gone, and they are never coming back.  Never.

And Obama wants to "create" more jobs by passing more free trade agreements.

There will be plenty of new jobs when our wages are the same as Vietnam's, like 75 cents an hour.

If you still think that there are two parties then please go back to sleep.

There are only right and left wings of the multinational corporate party.

No more parties ?  I'm going to sleep

The question is: What do we do about it? Is there a better system we can create that allows for innovation and capitol growth that doesn't crush the humanity out of it. And is it really the system or is the system incidental to people putting their will behind their conscience?

Some ideas to start with:


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