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Anybody have any experience with these?  I know they are lousy walking in but for hard ice they seem awesome.

Pete Jackson:

--- Quote from: tstorm11 on December 14, 2013, 03:54:52 pm ---Anybody have any experience with these?  I know they are lousy walking in but for hard ice they seem awesome.

--- End quote ---

I have a pair and have been using them for a bit. Negatives first:

Setup was frustrating: there are a lot of pieces and spacers and such. Do not be fooled by instructions that say everything can be adjusted with just one screw. It's easy to get the points set up in the wrong place, since the spacers are only slightly different lengths (hard to eye up). You should set them up once and plan to not change things much. For example, don't expect to use them with two different sets of boots that are a vastly different size. Allow an hour for the first assembly (it took me longer, but I am slow sometimes).

They come with heel spurs. I left mine in the box.

The anti-balling plates on mine cracked in half very quickly, and I can't find a replacement part. I had to repair them myself. This is not terrible, since walking in them really sucks anyhow, but a minor frustration.

Once set up, though, they rock. I've always felt solid, stable, and in control with them. I don't climb very hard ice, so they are probably a little too much crampon for me. They set well when you kick, and if you're going for a delicate placement you can't beat 'em. Aside from the plastic anti-balling plates, they are also very sturdy.

I'd recommend them. There is a good chance you will love them and I am sure you won't hate them.

Admin Al:
I think that these are the ones that Brad White has and he loves them. I use the Petzl Lynx and really like them.

Thanks man.
Im willing to put up with the initial set op for a rigid frame on vertical ice.  Not interested in the hear spur either.  There are not too many models of fully rigid poons out there.  I've heard the anti balling plates can break.  again not too worried about.  really just looking for a fully rigid platform.

Just got'em...for those who care

Pain in the ass to set up.  The Antibot is made of this rigid plastic that will prolly break.  And they are heavier than most other crampons

But,  after all that work...they fit my EVO's perfectly, no gaps, toe sits over the front point perfectly. just need to take them for a test drive.


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