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Lead drill ?

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i have just been hearing about a milwaukee rotary hammer that drills pretty good and weighs in at 3.9 lbs!!!  Shit, my hammer weighs 2 lbs alone....anybody ?

I use the Bosch and it is a heavy beast. Is the Milwaukee a spline drive or a chuck? If it is a smaller drill that is important, the weight of a chuck absorbs a lot of energy and reduces drilling efficiency. I think Ward and those guys are still using the Bosch but I would send Ward a pm. He may have tried some of the lighter drills. I know a friend recently borrowed my beast because the smaller drill was just so slow in granite. That being said I bet his little drill is still faster than hand drilling.

You ever hand drill John? ;)

I have a 6.6lb 36v Bosch and it still feels like an anchor on my butt lead drilling.  Much better than some of the older 12+1b monsters. pretty much over hand drilling. kills my tendons.

It's sds bits and i'm sure a lot slower than Bosch 36 volt....but 4 lbs is really light.. I'm thinking 2 batteries, maybe 10 holes ??? How long can a whole take ??/ 2 minutes ?

Only $250 as well

I can hand drill pretty well but i'm not really in good lead shape right now

2.6 lb saveings is huge on a hard lead.  shure would be screwed if you were out on a limb and the battery crapped out;)


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