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Accident on Shoestring Today

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There was an accident on Shoestring today around 1 PM. We saw the rescue team on the road preparing to go up. Rumor is that someone fell 100 feet. Are there any updates? Hoping for a good outcome!

Admin Al:
I hope so, but 100' is 100'!

I think that's about accurate, fell sometime just before noon and was lowered a few pitches before MRS arrived.  He's going to be a little sore for awhile but was in very good spirits.  Let's avoid the shoulda/ woulda/ coulda discussion on this one and wish him a speedy recovery; anyone investing a lifetime in this sport has thank God moments, myself included.  There aren't missteps to analyze here without a boatload of hypocracy.

Good to hear he was awake. The early report had him "unresponsive". Good work MRS!

 happy they are going to make it!  Kudos on the self rescue. Best speedy recovery.

Always nice to know what happened so that we can try to  learn with having to gain (experience) the hard way.


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