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Moat Mtn.
« on: February 13, 2002, 05:28:15 am »
Anyone been up around Moat Mtn. ice fall or Red Eagle Brook lately? Is any of this stuff in? What kind of approach (hike time) is involved ? I'm looking for some begginer leader stuff that won't have tons of people on it this next weekend and next (ice fest). Am I just dreaming or what? ??? Any suggestions appreciated. Later............................. ;D

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Re: Moat Mtn.
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2002, 07:54:12 am »
Last time I was at Hancock falls it wasn't frozen over...and even when it is, it's only about 50 feet of very easy ice.  Red Eagle Brook and Moat Mountain are both wicked thrashes to get to...I've never even attempted to get there in the winter, but I've been there in the summer, and I can only imagine that the bushwack would be utterly horrendous...I don't know what the ice is like right now, but Rainbow Slabs might actually be a better choice...although still a bit of a thrash to get to.  Willy's slide would be crowded, but a good bet anyway...

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