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great day with George

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Admin Al:
went over to Cathedral & climbed Repentance today with George. he turned 79 in January and he's still getting at it. he ran the 1st 2 together and I did the chockstone pitch. I thought that it was one of the more difficult and committing things I've led in a while. especially since I didn't have a #2 or #3 to protect the crack! [sigh]

Admin Al:
couple more...

So you went right, eh?  Me too!  At least there was a fairly high screw.  Last week there were at least some ice boogers in the crack...

Way cool Al.  Looks like it was an enjoyable day.

Sounds very cool.  congratulations you lucky ones  8) By lucky I mean you have these climbs in your front yard. I suppose good health has an element of luck as well.  Some folks eat  all the right things, do all the exersise and their bodys still crap out on them....
Which is harder?  repentance or WITW?


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