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Forgotten routes at Pawtuckaway, Round Pond Island...

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I was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about the old trad lines that exist on a small crag located in the middle of Round Pond at Pawtuckaway State Park. The only way to get to them is by boat in the spring, summer and fall or by walking on the ice in the winter. It's a small crag split by a couple of small thin finger cracks, the face has some small edges and flakes to pull down or to stand on... The left side with the vertical crack is slightly overhanging.

There's about 4 lines on this crag. The two thin cracks in the middle slating and left vertical crack both have old pitons about halfway up the lines.
Todd Swain, made mention of the crag in his old guide to Southern NH but gave no route description.

The routes going right to left.
1. The left angling crack set back from the main face
2. The face in between the left angling crack and the thin left angling finger crack.
3. The left angling thin finger crack in the middle of the face
4. The thin vertical crack on the left starting from the block.

Not sure when these were first climbed, just looking to see if anyone knows what the grades they might be?

Justin Hayes showed me the right side maybe 10 years ago and said that he and Tim Kemple Jr. had been working on it.

Looks really good!

Don't have any other info but I would try Justin or Tim.

Thanks Eyebolter, I know that Justin Hayes bolted a line or two on the face behind this one, wasn't sure if he pulled on any of these lines or someone before him. The right thin vertical crack starting off of the block is way out of me league but definitely cool looking line.

Bolts?  At Pawtuckaway?

^pretty sure that's a big no-no in that park.....


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