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Skiier triggered slide in VT last week

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Admin Al:

very interesting

Interesting, yes. An R3D2 avalanche not in my opinion, it just didn't have the mass, slope and length. As much as this might piss off the "core" skiers, there are just very few spots in north east that are capable to create an avalanche of R3 D2, and the trees around Jay is not one of them.

Hmmm, significant amount of consolidated snow over obvious ice runoff over ledge. 

What could possibly go wrong....?

I saw this once again elsewhere. On second viewing there's no way that was 80 - 100 feet wide, just look at the boarder if it was that big he'd look so tiny. Also noticed they say "possible R4," wtf if it was really that big you'd think they'd actually show the run out. Jeez, if they think that was D2, then the stuff coming off my roof would be R5 D4. Full run out, would destroy a car, breaks trees, and certainly would cause death and burial if caught under it.

Dale, we need to get these guys a Go Pro, get them on Dracula, or ski the Black Dike ASAP.


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