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I think this has been brought up at least a dozen times, but I don't feel like searching, so I am going to ask again...

If you were to see a father/ son being SUPER unsafe, would you say something? Here is the situation: While leading Chia on Saturday, I noticed a pair next to me TRing Chia Right. The son, on the ground, seemed confused, and not really clear on his belay duties, and was asking a lot of basic questions. His dad was leading/ setting up the TR. He lowered, and then the son got on the climb. Now, Chia Right is about 120-130 feet long, so you can't TR it on one 60m rope, which means you have to pass the knot. Usually no big deal, as long as you know how to do it. Well, clearly this party did not know how to, and while his son WAS ON THE PILLAR, the dad said, "You are ok where you are, right? Hang on, I AM GOING TO TAKE YOU OFF BELAY AND PASS THE KNOT."

I almost lost it right there, but I felt from the conversations he was having with his son, that I was going to be in for a very heated/ possibly physical debate if I were to say something, so I chose not to, and hoped that I would not have to be picking up the pieces of a teenager...

So, I ask again, what would you do?


I would speak up then if they die its not on my conscience.


Damn. I guess even if you think it's gonna be confrontational - you still have to say something in a polite way. If they choose to ignore then there's no bad karma gonna come your way as you tried. I've been in similar situations and for the most parts the other people are asses. I did my part though and walked away.


How old do you think the son was? Not that that would really change my response... but it would look something like this;

ďSir, why donít you hang on a second and Iíll come show you a way to do that without putting your son in harms way...Ē

Iíld then suggest he get a refresher on his rope skills with either a very seasoned vet or a guide, and wish him a great rest of the day climbing...

I'd call him out.  If he ruffled his feathers, I'd kick his goddamn ass!  Just kidding, I'd prolly just find another spot to climb.  If he followed me to the spot, I'd go home and rant on NECLIMBS.  :)


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