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Ropes on Lions Head

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What's happening in the valley? You can't look at a bolt without people slinging mud, but you can leave a fixed rope on Lions Head. What's next, put in a zip line so the guides can get home to their ski bunnies faster? Safer my ass, talk about pussifying a mountain. 

It's litter installed by the AMC


I've waited there personally and with clients anywhere from 40 mins to over an hour while people in micro spikes, Merrill day hikers, and all kids of inappropriate kit try to navigate up and down those two steep sections. I summited 12 times last season and 7 times this year and I welcome them.

Has nothing to do with getting home to our families but speaks directly to safety and reasonable time for passage.

I really wish everyone that climbed that mountain had proper gear, experience, general comfort navigating steep terrain and rock. The fact of the matter is 90% of the people that take that trail have little to no business being there dressed as they do with as little experience or knowledge.

People still have to negotiate a steep headwall but now have the option of a hand line to help them navigate it safely and in reasonable speed. I see no problem with the hand lines and am happy to have them there. Ok pureists...blast away!!!  ;) ::)

I'm fine with it as long as I get to bolt anything I want ;D


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