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Went out for a "casual" day in Huntington on Sunday. Had never done Odell's and hadn't done anyting the Ravine yet this year. Thought it would be a n(ice) day out. Anyway, with snow, breaking trail and lots of frozen rope( all I could do to get ropes thru ATC ), it was a little more sloggish than anticipated.

Anyway, what is the preferred exit? We ended up going up the left gully as I sent up one of our party while I was cleaning up the last anchor. It was a little hard to see and they yelled down that it looked okay left and right the visibility made it hard to tell. We decided to head left , with both of the other two in our party up ahead of me. I wasn't super psyched to see how steep it was once I got up to it.

It was a SLOG. Lots of two steps up and three down and waist deep snow as you plunged thru. F-in cold and was very happy to get to the wind gusts on the Alpine Garden as the sun dipped over the ridge.

I always just exit left at the top of the ice (big rock ledge there) and cross over into South Gully, descend that (it's easy snow) and then climb another gully. Above the ice is really boring anyway.

I usually use south or the escape hatch. South looked a little sketchy and full of ice the last time I was up there. Either way, prepare for some post holing fun back to the main trail!  ;) still quicker than lion's head. Sometimes I will cross over into right gully and descend that (lobster claw). That is a good option too as long as conditions are stable!

How was the ice on O'dells?

Ice was thick( right, center and left ) although brittle and shattering on top and wet underneath on Sunday

I've always preferred central if I'm doing multiple gully's. Right is my preferred final descent, and for an added bonus you get to pass the pump and fill up on water.


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