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JJ Jameson:
Was up this past Monday/Tuesday for a quick NH blast, showing a friend some classic NE ice.
Had to get him into the Cave on Standard, even though we didn't have time to go above it.
As we were prepping to rap down, I checked the bolts (as I always do) by hand, and noticed the left side bolt's nut is only finger tight. Was easily able to tighten or loosen it by hand. I didn't have any thing with me to tighten it. So figured I'd pass the info along to the current locals so someone could snug it back up.
Hey David, it was nice meeting and chatting with you.


JJ- you should have pulled it  ::)

You as well JJ... one of these days I'll carry a small wrench with me... I think that nut has been loose for a couple years TBH... hand tight is fine for me on a redundant rap anchor, but someone should give it a little torquing...


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