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On this site or others..who do you know ? Or want to know ? :o

I know a couple folks from this site.  All of them are good people and fun partners. 

I wouldn't mind meeting you Strand.  I'd also like to meet Shepards Pie and MSprague.

There is a woman on MP, goes by the name of fossana. I think she is from out your way, Strand. There is something about her. She does these crazy alpine solos that would scare the shit out of me, seems smart and articulate, takes great photos, seems cool and a little fierce, which I find attractive. I think I have a mild internet crush on her. It would be interesting meeting her. Other than that..hmm, Meghan Fox? We could talk about religion.  ???

As far as people here, do I have to admit that? lol

I'm really scary in person, Darwined ;D  I think it may be my eyeball that regularly poops out. You'll have to get out to Green's this year, though I may be spending more time at Rumney  too to try to get my climbing strength back up. Just getting my AARP invitation in the mail last week has gotten me feeling decrepit and it is pissing me off.

    Really depends on what you mean by "know" right? If it's who I could pick out of a line-up then it's: Al, Dman, David_G48, Tradman,Smear, MAmedic and Oldschool. Now it sounds sappy but I care about all of them more than some random guy on the street. But I only would ever say I really "know" one of them.
    Who would I like to meet. Yeah Strand is at the top of the list. But I'de also like to just have another beer with Smear and Oldschool and listen too.


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