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I am starting to get the spring rock bug. Seems like most years I do a fairly big climb in march that completly satisfies me. last year it was Ragnarock. This year the tipping point was Reign Of Terror at The Lake. Perfect day, perfect partner. Big somewhat scary climb. Yup that is enough winter for me. Then came 2ft of snow and a nasty stomach bug which really finished off my appreciation for winter. There were a few things up in Smuggs that I was thinking of getting on but all this snow nixed those ideas. The virus drained all my energy for big snow sloggs...    Looking at the 2 and even 3 week forcast it certainly seems like I am going to have to suck it up and be an ice climber for awhile longer.... 

Admin Al:
I hear ya... Winter is NOT over yet. We might be climbing lower elevation ice well into April, at this rate!

Heres to hoping the south facing crags dry up sooner than later!  Humphs, Albany, South Buttress.  I need to get my climb on!

Admin Al:
Humphreys will be climbable fairly soon. It's the earliest.

November or december I will climb rock 28f and cloudy to try a finish up a project. This time of year with this much snowpack my brain needs 50f and full sun to make the leap from ice to rock.


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