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I'll ship. PM me.

If any body wants a pair of Black Diamond Android Viper clipper leashes, their yours.

I also have a snow picket and a deadman snow anchor for free to a good home.

Grivel Rambo Comp crampons for parts. Toe bails, heel hardware Etc

If your into walls and want an 80's era Mountain Tools single point hammock with spacer bar it's yours.
Be forewarned, your back will never be the same.

Dave you are still trying to give those pickets away ;D


--- Quote from: slink on March 25, 2014, 06:48:43 pm ---Dave you are still trying to give those pickets away ;D

--- End quote ---

Maybe Santa will be good to you this year Jim.

 I hope Santa doesn't give me pickets for Christmas that would be like getting a lump of coal. ;D good luck on getting rid of them. It is almost time to rock climb  8)

Mtbdude91  PM'd you on the Hammock

Wagon Jon  PM'd you on the Picket

Both good to go.


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