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Sport Climbing exchange with France?

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We are a French family with a 12-year daughter planning to come to the East Coast and to practise sport climbing in August 2014.
The 3 of us are climbing more or less up to 5.10d.
We would be very glad to get in touch with local families of climbers we could meet and climb with in August.
To us, this could be the first step of a teen climber exchange between US and Toulouse in France.
There are very interesting sport climbing sites in the South West of France and we would love to welcome a teenager with whom we could share our family’s passion for outdoor and mountaineering sports.
Our current plan (adaptable from timing and geographical standpoint) is to be:
- At Acadia National Park around August 10th
- At Rumney, NH around August 15th
- Then in Burlington, Vermont after August 20th.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Is there sport climbing in Acadia?

There is some (sport climbing in Acadia) but its limited and widely scattered and most of it is harder then what they indicated they were looking for.  Plus a lot of the "sport" routes are somewhat sporty unless you supplement with trad gear.  Clifton would have more options for them in pure sport climbing terms.

But there are a lot of other reasons to visit Acadia including the other types of climbing.

Also plenty of options to set up TRs although very busy at Otter Cliffs in that season.

Can also set up some TRs on Great Head at Acadia left side has so e moderates and hardly ever a soul out there


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