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John Turner RIP

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via Ed Webster..the great John Turner passed away 3/30 in England   SUCK

JT  did things a million years ago that people still struggle on today.....check the guidebooks

RIP and RESPECT-- his wooden wedge was still in Recompense, when I first climbed it with a full rack of Chouinard pins, angles and bongs. Who today climbs Turner's Flake without any cams? 

Repentance was '58 ???  He may have touched the what  it was prolly his only gear  9++.  Cap Trinite,,Daks..etc..etc...

Ed dedicated his talk Friday night to John.

Rest easy.

One of the great ones in my book. He climbed The Joke 5.10 at the Bon Echo crags in Ontario around 5o years ago. Suspended above the lake that the crag rises out of  after a fall that  broke his leg ended one attempt but he went back and sent a great but seldom repeated route. When I made plans with another climber for the climb it was agreed I would not lead the money pitch which would definately get the R rating. This pitch is also rather EXPOSED. Glad that history will remember him.


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