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Anybody ever get any of the ebay/bluewater short ropes ?? They seem to have tons of 120-140' ropes that end up selling for $50-$70..all diameters

A nice, light 9.5 x 40m..sounds good

Almost all seems to be from the same seller.  Don't know what to think about that.
Prices on short ropes are insanely good tho.
I have bought short ropes from  Nothing long enough there now.

steve weitzler:
Short ropes for John…I guess he's tying up the wife again.

I  bought a 1/2 rope a couple years ago that I ended up selling after I realized I really had very little need for just ONE 1/2 rope.  I also got a very short (17m, I think) 9.4 from the same seller.  Both ropes were new in package.  No issues with them.  I can't remember what the seller's name is, but they are in GA, right?  I don't know for sure, but my assumption is they buy the shorts directly from the factory (or the factory outlet) and then resell on fleabay. 

I don't know this seller. That said there are many manufacturers who sell on ebay under differing names. It's their way of off loading returns and ther items they would normally have issues selling. Orvis and Filson are two that I watch who do it.


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