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So. Getting married in September at Stonehurst Manor. Looking for a different place to do the rehearsal dinner, just to switch it up a bit. Inquired at the Moat, however since the wedding is the same weekend as the Fryburg fair, they don't book large groups. Any of you guys have any suggestions for reasonably priced awesome food near the North Conway area?

Admin Al:
I really like the food at McGrath's. I'll bet they could set things up for you in one of the back rooms. call over there & ask for Seammus. he's the owner. tell him I told you to call.I'm sure he can take care of you.

Rehearsal dinner..i have some ideas..maybe not very formal

I went to a rehearsal dinner at the Wildcat tavern in Jackson once. Very nice.

Admin Al:
the Wildcat can be good, but it's very inconsistent...


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