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He HAS to be talking about Strandman in the middle part...

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Interesting read too:

Fantastic read! Man so many great quotes to pull out that! This is SO right up Champ's alley! It might cure him if he reads it!

Especially for him:

Trad climbers are bolder than sport climbers.

Sport climbers donít know how to place gear.

Trad climbers are old, bald and fat and canít climb hard.

Boulderers are chronic masturbators.

Aid climbing sucks. (OK, maybe that last one is true.)

I was thinking it was Jon Sykes, Strand's name is spelled John. Cool read.

Old Mans Ghost:

--- Quote from: fresh on May 20, 2014, 03:29:15 pm ---I was thinking it was Jon Sykes

--- End quote ---


This too for LL -
"I believe that we need to get over the idea that an entire genre of climbers is superior/inferior, stronger/weaker, more/less experienced than another genre, and just accept that ALL OF US can be found along this singular spectrum called climbing. Weíre all climbers. "


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