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What do you use to clean moss/ lichen off routes?

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Pretty much all in the title. Links? Where I can buy said brush?

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#1  gloves...a curved brush (wire)..

for more extreme situations .. a wire push broom is great. small snips and maybe a garden weed(dandelion ) puller for twigs. It looks like a big screwdriver with a notch in it.

Big lug hiking boots for foot scraping.. whisk broom small for detail work and several small plumbing style brashes...small crowbar  18"-24 "  is usually enough

Moss is tough.. double clean.. get the moss off, let it dry. then wire brush,, sometimes i add chalk to speed drying

Like a grill brush?

No.. the wire is to stubby and to close together, it will get clogged up....a narrow curved,brush..sometimes called for paint removal or rust removal...

Here is the best all around brush and scraper I have found, Rob. It works really well and protects your knuckles (still wear gloves). You will need various other implements like John suggested, but it is my basic tool. Pick up a number of them while you are at it. Around here you can go through several per pitch easily. I usually run down using the scraper first to get the rough stuff off.


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