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Having auto spelling correction enabled can produce hilarious results


As some of you recently wrote, having auto spelling correction enabled for your browser or on your mobile device can produce hilarious and unpredicatable results.  As a general rule, I do not like software/app to have "auto-magic" behavior like automatically correcting what *might* be a misspelling on my part.  Highlighting a possibly wrong word is fine but auto correcting it is annoying, to me at least.

Additionally, even the most advanced spelling correction software will not be able fix "felt" instead of fell, "think" instead of thing, and "hole" in place of hold.  Only LL can! :)

I think talk to text is even better...

The other night while I was working from my home office my wife texted me:

WIFE: "I'm making grilled cheese do you want one too?"

ME: "Yes plz"

few minutes later...

WIFE: "Your girl Trias is ready."

ME: "Sounds better than grilled cheese, I'll be right up".

Siri can be funny and frustrating at times too. The other day I tried to get it to open up Instead of spelling out the letters like I pronounced them, it tried to find WC  ::)


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