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left a mythos shoe on Lunch Ledge White Horse

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Lef a mythos climbing shoe on lunch ledge

Guessing you didn't top out? Was this today... might be able to run up there tomorrow after work and grab it for you...

It's beginning to look on this site like La Sportiva Mythos shoes are the most likely to be lost or left behind this year. :o   What gives?  ???

No top out today, wanted to. What a day!

I went over to the Echo area for some more climbing and that's when I realized the shoe was missing. If you're headed up there, that would be greatly appreciated. It's probably in the shadows next to the rock everyone sits on. I left notes on the cars parked at WH so if someone calls me with the shoes, I'll let you know. 

Thanks Dman

Art Mooney:
Pick up your shoe - where can i send it to?


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