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Partner us up!
« on: June 04, 2014, 07:25:37 pm »
Hey all, I'm in Boston for the next 3 weeks and have a lot of free time. With me here are both sport and trad gear - I have climbed at Rumney, Noth Conway, Cannon and Kancamagus a bunch in the past, so I know the area decently well. I also have 2 crashpads stashed here. Looking for solid partner(s) or to join your party. I can have a car for day trips but you'd need to provide transport for overnight trips. I'm a student in my late 20's in case you really must know.

I would prefer trad, but sport is also ok....bouldering, maybe on a chilly day. It would be lovely to hear from someone. fancito at gmail dot com please.