Author Topic: 19 year old rescued from Longs Peak  (Read 5177 times)

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Re: 19 year old rescued from Longs Peak
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Shocking, I know, but I think you are missing a word there. RELATIVELY safe and non committing, for Alaskan Alpinism.
It's like saying the "Nose" is relatively safe and non committing. Sure, next to the Shield it is, but you may leave a stain on the couch.

I also red the description that Krauker did in the book "into the wild".  I know that relatively is very hard to judge the commitment and your comparison is pretty You have to remember that the first ascent took 35 days and that the danger was very important before. As they place bolt, I agree that they lower the commitment rating. Most of the one who wrote in whitney gilman thread will agree that five they on canon is more a commitment than climbing the nose today.

I don't think that ham an egg will need to be bolt. it should be an easy going. If you pay the air plane ticket, I will gave a try. ;D