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New Crack at Greens NE Crags: The Beanstalk Crack 5.9+

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A nice new 75 foot straight fingers to hands crack.

I started up figuring I would cruise up it for the start of the day, but soon realized I hadn't brought the gear I needed. Not feeling solid enough to want to run out the last 20 feet, I had to lower off and run down the hill to get more cams. Doh!  Amy went next and flashed it for the FA. I pink pointed it  :P

The Beanstalk Crack 5.9+, FA Amy Colburn, Mark Sprague 7/21/2014

That looks pretty sweet Mark. Kudos for all the efforts you guys put in out at Green's. I think its time to head out there just for this climb! I just hope this isn't "old school" 5.9+!

Amy's small hands and 5.9+    ..... ::)

Admin Al:
very sweet... any pictures of one of you climbing it?

I think Amy got a butt shot or two while I was leading it, but I haven't seen any. I was hoping to get some pictures of people climbing out there this weekend with a few others planning to come out, but DaveR smashed his ankle the day before, so couldn't make it.


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