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wedging factor

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lucky luke:
A climber who uses techniques without understanding them or who mechanically follows a set of rules is not thinking and is a danger to himself and fellow climber. But learn the principles make them yours, and you'll be free to do what we all want todo: clmb hard, climb high, climb safe.

In the same book, mountaineering freedom of the hill, they describe wedging factor. For me it sound like fall factor. As it is describe in my book, I know the exact definition of it.

But in the old time, people will try to explain it by saying the good definition buy asking question or by bringing the beginner in a trap. For example a wedge it can be an axe. With an axe, you make notches. So the wedging factor is it the notches that the sharpedge of an arete/flake do on a rope when the climber fall. In that way, we most avoid the wedging factor as much as we can...or climb on bolt safely place. 

Without saying the answer, what is the wedging factor?

i will ask a female friend of mine about 'wedging factor"  ..maybe get a picture

I have multiple wedges for splitting wood.

Lucky Lucy:
I thought a wedge was when my thong got caught in my ass crack!

steve weitzler:
I have a couple of wedges I use when playing golf.


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