Author Topic: bolt maintenance at Humphrey's... a community announcement  (Read 653 times)

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bolt maintenance at Humphrey's... a community announcement
« on: September 21, 2015, 04:44:59 PM »
I got a PM the other day about a problem with the 2nd bolt on Gaggle of Geese at Humphrey's. Apparently the hanger was loose, someone tried tightening it, and the stud just spun. In addition the hangers on Old Crow have some really crappy moldy webbing and a single rusty screw-link on them, and the right hanger is loose. Joe and Judy and I take maintaining our climbs fairly seriously so we went up there this morning to fixe these issues.

Joe climbed the 1st 4 bolts on Gaggle, lowered down, chopped the offending bolt and replaced it with a new one placed about 6 inches to the right.

I climbed High Steppin' and traversed right to the anchor on Old Crow. I had my smallish crescent wrench and 2 stainless ring hangers. Unfortunately I was unable to get the nut off the right hand hanger, and worse, was unable to get it tightened back down!!! I plan to get back over there later this week with a bigger wrench, and some chain and screw links in case I am unable to get the hanger off. In the meantime I suggest top-roping the climb from the High Steppin' anchor, or not doing it at all, unless you want to (1) use your own draws to TR and then climb up to the High Steppin' anchor to get off or (2) replace the webbing and change out the quicklink. I personally will NOT rap, lower or TR from that crappy webbing and link!!!

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