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Partner Needed: Mt Washington skiing 14 Mar 2017 and 18/19 Mar 2017


I'm pretty sure my classes will be cancelled tuesday, and would love to line up at least one partner to head up into Huntington ravine to check the avy conditions and hopefully ski some fun stuff. 

I'd also consider Hillmans, eastern snow field, or Tuckerman as backup or primary options, all avy dependent.

All I ask is that you are efficient on skis and have taken at least a level 1 avy course, so I know you know how to dig. 

I have 6 years of backcountry skiing experience and took my level 2 in 2014. 



Added Sat and Sun (18 and 19 Mar). 

Same itinerary and focus.  For the weekend, skiing the other areas (GOS, Oaks, Great Gulf, Ammo, King ...) would also be a potential, considering conditions and efficiency. 

I am fine staying at either hut or bringing a tent and overnighting somewhere else.



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