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Partners Needed: Rock Season Is Here

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Now that the ski season is winding down, I can start to look for rock climbing partners again. 

I have moved from NY to RI and now work a standard M-F job until July, when I move again. 

Looking for Sat and Sun partners for NH.  I could entertain the ADKs as well.  I'd like to avoid the Gunks except for the rarely traveled cliffs. 

Pretty much open to any skill ability, though the more proficient you are the better.  I can cover all the group gear, but using your gear helps me save mine. 

Thanks for reading,


I can vouch for Dave - solid, safe, modest climber. Had a ton of fun attempting the girdle with him last season.

Dave - as usual, keep hitting me up. Though, not this weekend, as I'll be missing the nice weather whilst in San Fran.

Would love to get you out to Green's - Yeti Beats is one of the best climbs in NH.

Thanks for the post, Rob. 

Saturday looks doable in the MWV area, hopefully Sunday improves or gets delayed. 

Looking for a partner for Saturday (5/13).  Anything location is fair game.


Looking for a partner for Saturday and Sunday.  Cannon, North Conway, Greens, open for other ideas. 



Hi, looking for a partner for Saturday (May 20) in North Conway.

Can lead up to low 5.10, happy to climb easier or follow something a little harder.

Anybody free?



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