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Title: what was your trad evolution
Post by: lucky luke on August 10, 2011, 11:51:18 AM
Hi! I began on topr rope on very diversify cliff. I learn face climb, crack, diedral, small overhang, etc. I try to learn more by myself as mistake and success. I also look at the other and focus on the technique. I aid climb to know how to place my protection I began slowly to climb on easy climb. I was alone with my partner on a cliff as big as cathedral and 5 pitches above me. In a fall, I have to get out of the problem by myself. Even my partner can not help me. I work hard and climb many route safely, route that most of you call dangerous. In twenty years, I wasn't injure badly, except recently. But I always climb. Today, I still can learn...not where is the hold, but about technique and my tendon are strong enought to sustain what I need to go over.
I saw my style of climbing more as a career, like in your professional life, than just some thing that I do occasionally. Many of my partner begin as sport. They climb hard and some of them gave up because they injure there tendon because they climb to hard to fast. Other felt because they didn't have the technique to protect there pitch and run it out or place pro on bad flake. Other, As they climb 5.10 in sport, they don't understand that the rope drag, cam and nuts, water make them heavier and they could not pull over what they can do in sport. They feel like bad climber and, because they didn't know that it is different, they begin to insult me when they can not climb a 5.7 route. they call the route 5.9 when they didn't have the ability to climb it.
So, I begin to climb in norht conway and find good trad climber. Most of them guide and don't climb any more with climber under 5.11. Holder one have a lot of experience and they like to climb less harder stuff. so, I am still improving my technique and climb safely. I can have fun in a 5.10 route even if i climbed for many years.   
Title: Re: what was your trad evolution
Post by: DLottmann on August 10, 2011, 11:37:56 PM
You have got to be kidding me...
Title: Re: what was your trad evolution
Post by: sneoh on August 10, 2011, 11:51:36 PM
I find some of the choices literally quite funny.  Good sense of humor, Champ!
Title: Re: what was your trad evolution
Post by: DGoguen on August 11, 2011, 07:41:47 AM
Like evolution itself, the point grinds on and on and on.......
Title: Re: what was your trad evolution
Post by: ACLSRN52 on March 12, 2013, 07:43:30 AM
I begain with both rock climbing and ice climbing lessons from two preofessional instructors and guides here in New York State. I did a lot of top roping and then slowing started following Trad lead climbers as a 2nd - learning all I could about placing pro, belays, removing pro, rapping, anchors, etc. I read tons of books and such about anchors, rigging, etc. before I begain leading some easy 5.? routes. After while I found hat due to MY off work schedule and such I preferred to rope solo climb by myself not-only for the 'Zen-like' peaceful experience but because I dodn't have to work so hard at connecting with partner(s) all the time.