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Title: FS: BD C4s and Trango Big Bros
Post by: dave095790 on June 12, 2017, 08:58:03 PM
I'd like to move some extra pieces that just don't get a lot of use:

Black Diamond C4s: 

1 x 1
2 x 0.75
2 x 0.5
1 x 0.4

All in used condition, all have certainly taken a fall.  I would have no problem climbing and falling on any one of these pieces. 

$65 on right now. $35 each, $65 for two, $30 each if you buy three or more. 

Tango Big Bros:

1 x Blue Big Bro (biggest: 191-303mm)

$125 on right now.  $60 

1 x Green Big Bro (second biggest: 135-203mm)

$105 on right now.  $50 

Got these guys a while ago, and they have not ever been placed.  They may not have ever been racked. 

Local in North Conway or Rhode Island would be preferred.  No issues shipping, buyer pays shipping and we split the PayPal fee.