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Ice & Winter Climbing / Re: when things go wrong
« Last post by lucky luke on Today at 04:11:08 PM »
the start of the 3+ pitch ;)

Look like ice managery with twenty below zero on the left. Not in good condition for sure, but maybe harder than it is. I climb where the pillar is,  between the climber and the rock. Hard to protect when I did it, it was medusa. With a hard top and icycle under.

On the lake, I was looking for crazy diamond.i saw it one time in good shape and it was an amazing icycle.   
People give Patagonia a lot of shit,,but I think there a pretty good  company..  You get what you pay for.

Maybe Wild Thing should give this article a read   :(
Epics and Accidents / Re: Ogre incident
« Last post by strandman on Today at 12:35:16 PM »
He 's a hell of a writer i think  and pretty good at surviving.

I like when as a kid he rode his bike off a cliff avoiding a cobra in Gibralter
Another thanks for the video. Certainly more ice than I would have expected with rain and only a few days of really cold temps. Totally stoked now...
The Gear Doc in North Conway is a good place to consider.
Rock Climbing: Trad / Re: trad ethic
« Last post by strandman on Today at 11:58:52 AM »
Not many crevasse in NE..but, I would say if you think your gonna fall in one, i would carry ascenders
Ice & Winter Climbing / Re: when things go wrong
« Last post by strandman on Today at 11:57:13 AM »
Come on now..i know people who have done least 4- they say
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: The Beer Thread
« Last post by on Today at 09:55:42 AM »
I wouldn't leave out Asheville! Not after your trip report! I just don't think I'd head to Atlanta and Tampa.t

No sweetwater?! Oh man. I think 420 is one of the best ipa's ive had.

Unrelated: I had the samuel smiths chocolate stout. Incredible. Great dessert beer.
Thanks for the video. Looked like it was in fairly good ice conditions. Now you probably have started the Klondike Phenomena for ice :).
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