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Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: Trump
« Last post by M_Sprague on Yesterday at 11:20:02 PM »
^ So Hillary wants us to think. Sorry, she is most definitely not getting my vote in the primary. I don't think you can put the guys you listed in the same league as Senator Sanders in popularity (maybe McGovern, but I was abt 8 years old, so wasn't following politics too closely). Harris, Anderson or Jesse Jackson?, Come on! Conditions are quite a bit different now in many ways and Sanders has already blown away expectations.
Gear Exchange / Re: Free Black Diamond L50 Ice Pack
« Last post by perswig on Yesterday at 10:41:22 PM »
Quality gesture, DGoguen.
You're a good dude.

Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: Trump
« Last post by Nick Grant on Yesterday at 07:14:32 PM »
Bernie Sanders, the "Democratic Socialist," is following in the footsteps of Eugene McCarthy (1968) , George McGovern (1972), Fred Harris (1976), John Anderson (1980), Jesse Jackson (1984), and Ralph Nader (2000).

None of these guys had ANY SHOT WHATSOEVER at becoming the President of the United States, and neither does Bernie.  Given the conservative nature of most American voters, casting a vote for Bernie is like casting a vote for Jerry Garcia (who is dead).  Neither Bernie nor Jerry has any chance of winning.

So, "All aboard!"  Hop on the Hillary train!  We're heading to the White House!  (Or would you prefer Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio?)
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: Trump
« Last post by strandman on Yesterday at 05:23:23 PM »
I don't disagree,,jus that the tax deal makes him un electable...and for sure congress would never approve any deal for health care...they all get health care , so they don't give a fuck about anybody else
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: Trump
« Last post by neiceclimber on Yesterday at 03:19:29 PM »
True it would be a massive increase in taxes, but its really just a transfer of who receives your money. Let's say you currently pay 15% in taxes plus 10,000 a year in healthcare on a 100,000 a year salary. If you remove Insurance and shift it to taxes, you're being taxed at 25% which is a huge jump but overall the amount out of pocket is the same. Obviously there will be those that are at the top of their tax brackets that get kind of screwed, but if you're lucky and at the bottom you may actually see an increase in your yearly take home. While it's true that under ACA the majority have seen huge jumps in their monthly premiums compared to 8 years ago, the large reason for this is because of the private public republican healthcare mandates that the republicans put in place to make it fail.

It baffles me that people are so against spending for things like universal healthcare and infrastructure, but have no problem writing blank checks for the millitary. Case in point how many billions did Obama just earmark for our millitary to increase their presence in Eastern Europe to show Russia we back NATO.
Events & Announcements / Re: 2016 MWV Ice Fest - North Conway, NH
« Last post by strandman on Yesterday at 11:31:09 AM »
June would be nice..lotsa bugs and humidity......maybe some rain too
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: Trump
« Last post by strandman on Yesterday at 10:40:12 AM »
I'm not sure that anyone who advocates a massive tax increase is gonna do well ?

In CO, we have a governor who owned one of the first brew pubs in the that's somebody i vote for !
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: Trump
« Last post by markvnh on February 05, 2016, 09:13:11 PM »
Bernie has conviction and I have utmost respect for that. His tune doesn't change. I'll give him that!

Though looking at his donor list doesn't mean he's not beholden to corpaorate business interests. If you're a lifelong politician it's a way of life. Unfortunately.

I had an opportunity to meet Kasich at a small business meeting with about five mins of one on one afterwards. Probably the most sensible one on that side.

Cruz (Huckabee, Santorum) are right wring religious zealots. They scare me as much as the far left wanting to tax us into oblivion by offering free "everything" and bankrupting us (single payer health will never work in the US -  case in point VT nixed it because it would have required something like tripling the current budget).

At the town hall the other night I couldn't believe when Anderson Cooper asked Hillary what about the 675k she aceepted from Wall St for speeches and she basically answered "well that's what they offered me!"

I'm a social liberal and fiscal conservative - neither party represents my political views. But I believe in the power of voting so I have to pay attention and choose who I think will do the best job.
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: Trump
« Last post by neiceclimber on February 05, 2016, 09:00:54 PM »
Bernie's message has pretty much been the same since mayor of Burlington. I've been a loyal supporter since the early 90's and have voted for him at every election. Even during periods not living in VT Bernie or his support staff responded to inquires in a friendly, informative, and timely matter. One great thing about all VT lawmakers is their willingness to listen and fight for their constituents, the fact that in almost every election Bernie has faced an upward battle and won speaks for his ability to hold a consistent message and listen to the people (VTers also don't tend to vote out incumbents that hold higher offices).

As to who is putting money in politicians pockets, look at Bernies donors, there's not a lot of big business donations. So while he may listen to and speak at events hosted by big business he's not accepting bribes like others.

While I'm not a Republican I would like to see Kasich rise above all the evangelical uber conservative bs that is currently swirling.
Gear Exchange / Re: Free Black Diamond L50 Ice Pack
« Last post by DGoguen on February 05, 2016, 08:51:49 PM »

If it's not already spoken for, I'll take it,
It's yours Dan

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