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First stop was the dike. With early morning snow you could not see. We cut a very long trail. Hopefully someone cuts a new one. Ended up by Moby. Long and short the ice was out. Getting an early start we went into Crawford. There was no ice to be found as expected after the warm temps. Settled for some mixed climbing.
I was up there today. All the lower ice is out. Hopefully things will be better by Sunday/ Monday. We decided to check out Crawford. No ice any where. Well for me at least. Enjoy.
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: The Beer Thread
« Last post by strandman on Today at 05:49:36 PM »
Had out traditional carbomb today with brewery owners..Jameson,, Ouray cream and great divide yeti stout....I REALLY have to hold back form 2-3
On the way back from a great ski day I stopped in the cannon lot and looked at the dike through binoculars - visibility wasn't great and it basically looked like a snow covered rock climb. Hard to tell what might be forming.
Gear Exchange / Re: M10s $40.00 free shipping
« Last post by NEAlpineStart on Today at 02:36:52 PM »
Can you post a pic?
they are now listed on ebay.
Gear Exchange / M10s $40.00 free shipping
« Last post by tradmanclimbz on Today at 09:29:29 AM »
I have a real ratty pair of M10's with duct tape anti bots. Ugly but they work. $40.00 free shipping
Events & Announcements / Patagonia is Back!
« Last post by MWV_IceFest on Today at 08:47:11 AM »
We are so excited to welcome back Patagonia for Ice Fest 2015! This year, they will be bringing some new gear for Ice Festers to try out. They will also be bringing Patagonia ambassador Majka Burhardt! Read more on our Blog!

Black friday special! $250.00 free shipping!
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