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General Climbing / Re: The Lost River Crags, Kinsman Notch
« Last post by RjBlake on Today at 09:00:57 AM »
I decided to update the mountain project entry for the Kinsman Notch: Lost River area to make mention of the fire, and decided to make a before and after comparison, which I thought might also be useful to post here:

There are also a variety of interesting pictures of the fire posted on Ken Watson's photography page. I posted two of these to Mountain Project with Ken's permission.

It'll be interesting to see what it looks like after the winter. A fair bit of "new" rock has been exposed.
Gear Exchange / Re: BD Express Ice Screws: price drop!
« Last post by godrick on December 11, 2017, 12:42:08 PM »
I'll go 200. for the lot and pay shipping?
Ice & Winter Climbing / Tuckerman, Saturday 9-Dec.
« Last post by ralbert20 on December 11, 2017, 09:22:07 AM »
Was absolutely stunning! It was my first time ice climbing in Tuckerman, (I know... I know...) and I had no idea how much ice there is up there! We only did 3 of the pitches we saw, but we could have done at least half a dozen more. They are steeper and longer than they look as well. We did a sweet little line in a bowl, then did a corner system, and then a grade 4 pillar. Off to the left, we could see another grade 4, or possibly grade 5, and some other curtains. There was also a nice slab way left that looked like grade 3, and possibly 2 pitches.

I can't believe it took me so long to get in there for ice. We typically just go to Pinnacle, but Tuckerman is great for early season ice. We were also completely alone on the climbs. There were some die-hard skiers who skied a few short turns, but no one else was climbing. I wonder how much the snow will affect the climbs - maybe they filled in now.

Events & Announcements / New clinics this year!
« Last post by MWV_IceFest on December 11, 2017, 07:17:05 AM »
We have lots of new offerings for clinic participants this year!  Marc Chauvin's Mountain Guide Manual Clinic, Veterans Ice Climbing Clinic, Holderness Friends & Family Clinic, and a Mount Washington Observatory Overnight.  Check out these new clinics at

General Climbing / Re: Harvard Cabin
« Last post by Coreshot on December 08, 2017, 05:47:42 AM »
General Climbing / Harvard Cabin
« Last post by mikegillam on December 07, 2017, 06:20:13 PM »
Looking to visit Huntington and stay at Harvard Cabin in late December.  Is a 20 degree bag appropriate for the cabin?
General Climbing / Re: Band M Ledge
« Last post by White_Mountain_Rambler on December 07, 2017, 04:14:44 PM »
Map of access trail and parking.

If you try and map this, Google Maps sends you down Fall Ln. DON'T access via Fall Ln., it's marked as a private drive and we don't want to piss off the locals. Drive just past Fall Ln. and take the Class 6 road just before Tangle Wood.
General Climbing / Re: Band M Ledge
« Last post by Admin Al on December 07, 2017, 09:56:19 AM »
GREAT NEWS... Band M was a nice alternative place to climb and it was a drag to loose it. kudos to all involved in getting to back on line.
General Climbing / Re: Band M Ledge
« Last post by xcrag_corex on December 06, 2017, 11:06:17 PM »
Rad! Stoked to check this place out!
General Climbing / Re: Band M Ledge
« Last post by Nick Grant on December 06, 2017, 09:30:29 PM »
Band M is open again?  That's way radical, man.
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