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Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan, Politics) / Re: $3-$5 for Forest passes
« Last post by glen on Today at 11:59:49 AM »

FACT: 400 million was changed from US currency to other currencies and then transferred to Iran. Obama admitted to the transfer, the only question is why it was done!

It was done because we owed them the money. Iran paid 400M for fighter jets.  The money was held in trust, and the arms deal was signed, but then the revolution happened.  The planes were never delivered and the U.S. has been sitting on the money ever since.  The U.S. owed Iran the 400M plus interest.  Iran had sought a much larger restitution in international court. 

Iran didn't demand ransom for release of hostages. They've been fighting in international court to get their money back for decades. The U.S. did use the money it owed as leverage settling negotiations with Iran.
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan, Politics) / Re: $3-$5 for Forest passes
« Last post by eyebolter on Yesterday at 07:45:34 PM »
Agreed, the Waimea cliff has some of the crappiest rock ever, lol.  Nothing like that quality stone on the Whitney Gilman.
Partner Exchange / Re: 25-Aug, afternoon?
« Last post by dave095790 on Yesterday at 10:56:06 AM »
I might be heading over that direction.  If I can solidify some partners for follow up days, I'd definitely be able to climb the afternoon of the 25th. 

Partner Exchange / Partner Needed: 8/25-8/28
« Last post by dave095790 on Yesterday at 10:55:09 AM »
Weather looks great. 

Looking at some girdle traverses of Cathedral and Whitehorse Ledges as some top objectives. 

Also looking at some stuff off the Kanc and in Crawford Notch. 

Also always willing to head to Cannon. 

Lead everything, or swing leads, to 5.10.  Can follow or pull through harder. 

Moderates would be fine, as well. 



Anyone have any thoughts on why so many trees are failing this year? Or, is it a correlation =/= causation thing? I feel like I have seen more completely uprooted trees than I remember - on the trails as well as the climbing areas. Is it just because it has been so dry?
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan, Politics) / Re: $3-$5 for Forest passes
« Last post by tradmanclimbz on Yesterday at 06:52:30 AM »
If your looking at under dog or Armed and dangerous and you do not see a great rout perhaps you don't really have the eye for it ;)
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan, Politics) / Re: $3-$5 for Forest passes
« Last post by pappy on August 22, 2016, 07:02:08 PM »
Just as a side note, because I'm bored and want to stir up trouble, I climbed the ice at Rumney a good bit BITD ('83-'85), and it never occurred to us to climb the crappy looking rock. (As a side note, we also climbed ice at Farley, and that rock did look nice and we even did a good bit of stuff never recorded, because it never occurred to us that anyone would give a crap).
On reflection, I'm now happy that Rumney is a destination, especially after dealing with all the mindless gym trained idiots in the 'Daks. What the hell is going on, the crowds are nuts (not where I am, just looking at the miles of parked cars. Even Barkeater was a zoo this weekend). It's good to have a place (like Rumney) to concentrate these people, and then tax the shit out of them.
2 weeks ago my wife and I climbed there.  When I got to the tree it was apparent that it would be a serious life risk to use. I left 2 biners on the the anchor to the right to facilitate the rappel. I will place some ring anchors in line with the tree on my next trip up there.
Attached is a pic of the fallen tree.

I rapped directly to the 2-bolt anchor yesterday. I thought it was a pretty straight forward rap over the overhang and straight to the bolts. When going down, aim for the middle of the overhang and you have a nice straight line. Make sure you have knots on your rope on this one as double 60s are just about enough to get you there with just a few feet spare.
Partner Exchange / 25-Aug, afternoon?
« Last post by ralbert20 on August 22, 2016, 08:18:14 AM »
Anyone want to go out after about 12 on Thursday?

North Conway area?

I lead up to mid-10, follow around the same.
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