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Wow, that first shot really does look like a super fat Standard... serious resemblance!
General Climbing / Re: Best Solo Toprope routes in MA?
« Last post by grubbers on Today at 02:02:48 PM »
The climbs aren't too long, but Red Rocks in Gloucester has a handful of lines that are good for setting a rope on. Bolted anchors at the top of most climbs with very easy access.
General Climbing / Re: Best Solo Toprope routes in MA?
« Last post by stevea on Today at 01:49:00 PM »

As you know, the majority of the harder routes there overhang, and you already mentioned no overhangs. I assume that your going to solo, dropping a top rope.  Since most routes angle one way or the other,  if you come off early, you may be hanging way out from the face, unless you pre-place gear, and clip the rope in.
The only way you could set-up Cro-Magnon, is by placing a lot of gear, in the crack, which obviously slants quite a bit. You can place multiple BOMBER pieces, about 15 feet off the huge ledge, in the corner, above Cro-Mag.  Setting up your top-rope from there reduces rope stretch, and the anchors are bomber, ( in the corner crack).
It would be difficult to place gear while rapping off from there, but not impossible, since you could put a ton of gear in that crack.
Perhaps taking a daisy chain along might be a good idea, since you could hang on a few pieces, to take a rest, on the way down.

Why don't you post on Mountain Project, and look for a partner?  I did a few 1st ascents there solo, 50 years ago, but there weren't many climbers back then to connect with. You might have good luck in these times.
Events & Announcements / Karsten Delap back for 2017!
« Last post by MWV_IceFest on Today at 06:37:30 AM »
One of our favorite guest guides is back!  Check out the blog for more info on this awesome guy!

Conditions / Re: Mount Washington: Huntington, Tuckerman, Kings Ravine, etc.
« Last post by Nemesis on Yesterday at 05:22:31 PM »
Not that it's never happened, but I've never seen rime on the trees at Frankenstein.
General Climbing / Best Solo Toprope routes in MA?
« Last post by Debaser on Yesterday at 04:39:42 PM »
Hey NEClimbs.

Does anyone have recommendations on the best TR solo routes in MA from 5.7-5.10 ? I've just started to TR solo and did Thin Line / Boardwalk at Crow Hill so far. (Thin line is a BITCH when its wet)

So any suggestions for climbs with easy top anchor access, no overhangs, and relatively dry would be greatly appreciated. Maybe some climbs that are a bit of a drive from central MA would be good too.

Also, does anyone know a way to solo TR Cro-Magnon at Crow Hill? There seems to be a ledge towards the left top of the route but you'd have to lead to reach that anchor. Otherwise anchoring from the very top, the rope hangs into space which means a fall would be very annoying.


Conditions / Re: Mount Washington: Huntington, Tuckerman, Kings Ravine, etc.
« Last post by phil on Yesterday at 03:20:01 PM »
You're all wrong. This is a colorized photo of The Black Dike in winter 1938. Case closed.

I was the one in the first photo and can corroborate Grubbers' claim. Y'all are dense.
Conditions / Re: Mount Washington: Huntington, Tuckerman, Kings Ravine, etc.
« Last post by grubbers on Yesterday at 02:47:23 PM »
Here's a broader shot of the area. I'd be checking this spot out more frequently if it wasn't such a pain in the ass to get to.

That was Madison Gulf on Sunday.

now THAT'S amazing! who woulda thought?

Al come on man... you don't recognize Standard when you see it? Madison Gulf LOL
Conditions / Re: Kancamagus Highway area to the top of the pass
« Last post by M_Sprague on Yesterday at 01:03:11 PM »
Damn that looks nice mark... 25 degrees on Sunday. I'll hold the rope if you are ambitious. PM me if interested.

Tempting but the approach would probably be pretty beastly with the gate closed (maybe 14 miles rt) to most likely find it iced up. I might ski/snowshoe out there this winter some time just to see what it is like though, as I haven't done that from the north yet. Will let you know.
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